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ERP system of the year 2020

  • Category “ERP start-up”: Vectotax Software GmbH
  • Category “ERP platform”: WeClapp GmbH
  • Category “ERP for the high-tech industry”: Asseco Solutions AG
  • Category “Automotive ERP”: Gebauer GmbH / TimeLine Business Solutions Group
  • Category “International ERP”: CVS Ingenieurgesellschaft mbH
  • Category “SME special award”: D&G Software GmbH


ERP system of the year 2019

  • Category “ERP for expert services”: godesys AG
  • Category “Multiple channel support”: CVS Ingenieurgesellschaft mbH
  • Category “ERP for Industry 4.0/Internet of things”: Asseco Solutions AG
  • Category “Craft”: WERBAS AG
  • Category “Series manufacturing”: oxaion gmbh
  • Category “Food industry”: CSB-System AG
  • Category “Best technology”: TimeLine Business Solutions Group
  • Category “SME special award”: D&G Software GmbH


ERP system of the year 2018

  • Category “SAP system house”: Innovabee Group GmbH & Co & KG
  • Category “Series production”: Gebauer GmbH / TimeLine Business Solutions Group 
  • Category “Retail”: SHD AG
  • Category “Expert services”: Asseco Solutions AG
  • Category “Pharmaceuticals”: GUS Deutschland GmbH
  • Category “Medical technology”: oxaion GmbH
  • Category “Cloud based ERP”: WeClapp GmbH
  • Category “Drivers of digitalisation”: CVS Ingenieurgesellschaft mbH
  • “Special award of the jury”: Xentral ERP Software GmbH


ERP system of the year 2017

  • Category “Logistics”: SALT Solutions AG
    Category “Product service provider”: oxalon GmbH
  • Category “System house Microsoft”: COSMO CONSULT GmbH
    Category “System house SAP”: Innovabee GmbH
  • Category “Wholesale”: e.bootis AG
    Category “Medical technology”: KUMAVISION AG
  • Category “Cloud based ERP systems”: weclapp GmbH
    Category “Drivers of digitalisation”: Asseco Solutions AG
  • Category “SME special award”: plentymarkets GmbH


ERP system of the year 2016

  • Category “Retail”: SALT Solutions AG
  • Category “Expert services”: weclapp GmbH
  • Category “Public sector”: Mach AG
  • Category “Microsoft system house of the year”: Cosmo Consult-Gruppe
  • Category “SAP system house of the year”: Innovabee Group GmbH & Co. KG
  • Category “Food / Medical technology”: CSB Systems AG, Gebauer GmbH
  • Category “Supplier industry”: ams.Solutions AG
  • Category “Specialised production”: Traser Software GmbH
  • Category “SME special award”: Asseco Solutions GmbH


ERP system of the year 2015

  • Category “Engineering”: Asseco Solutions AG with APplus
  • Category “Medical technology”: Dontenwill AG with business express
  • Category “Microsoft system house”: ORDAT GmbH
  • Category “Online trade”: CVS GmbH with Alphaplan ERP and MAC IT-Solutions GmbH with DiVA
  • Category “SAP system house”: Innovabee AG
  • Category “SME special award”: Actindo GmbH
  • Category “Innovation award”: Gebauer GmbH


ERP system of the year 2014

  • Category “Automotive”: Asseco Solutions AG
  • Category “Construction”: SOFTBAUWARE GmbH
  • Category “International”: Epicor GmbH
  • Category “Logistics”: Gus Group
  • Category “Open Source”: OpenZ
  • Category “Specialised and series machine production”: ITML GmbH
  • Category “SME special award”: Catuno GmbH
  • Category “Innovation award”: Infor GmbH

ERP system of the year 2013

  • Category “Pharmaceuticals/Food/Chemical”: GUS GmbH with GUS-OS Suite
  • Category “Project-oriented service provider”: ITML GmbH with SAP ERP
  • Category “Delivery trade”: Comarch AG with Comarch ERP Enterprise
  • Category “Wholesale”: CVS Ingenieurgesellschaft mbH with Alphaplan
  • Category “Electronics manufacturing”: ORDAT GmbH with FOSS
  • Category “SME special award”: Scopevisio AG with Scopevisio
  • Category “Innovation award”: Scopevisio AG with Scopevisio

ERP system of the year 2012

  • Category “Service”: allprojects Projektron GmbH with Projektron BCS
  • Category “Specialised manufacturing”: ams.solution AG with ams.erp
  • Category “Trade”: CVS Ingenieurgesellschaft with ALPHAPLAN ERP
  • Category “Series manufacturing”: Asseco Germany AG with APplus
  • Category “Cloud ERP systems”: Actindo GmbH with Actindo
  • Category “SME special award”: Software-Schmiede Vogler&Hauke GmbH with Professional ERP
  • Category “Innovation award”: Allgeier IT Solutions GmbH with cierp3