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Prof. Dr. -Ing. Norbert Gronau launched the ERP System of the Year competition in 2007 and has chaired the jury ever since. He holds the Chair of Business Informatics, Processes and Systems at the University of Potsdam, is scientific director of the Center for Enterprise Research (CER), and editor of various trade journals. Further he initiated the Potsdam Industry 4.0 Center – a laboratory for entrepreneurs, researchers, pioneers and educational institutions. He is also since 2007 a member of acatech (German Academy of Science and Engineering) which advises the German government on the 4th industrial revolution and the future. Amongst other assignments he is further Professor Extraordinary at the Stellenbosch University, South Africa.

University of Potsdam
Phone +49 331 977-3322
E-Mail norbert.gronau@wi.uni-potsdam.de



Susanne Strahringer holds the Chair of Business Informatics, esp. Information Systems in Industry and Commerce at the Technical University of Dresden. In her research and teaching she deals with the question of implementation and operation of systems in connection with associated management decisions. In addition to enterprise software, she deals with methods of enterprise modelling. She is the author of numerous publications and editor of trade journals.

TU Dresden
Phone +49 351 463 34990
E-Mail susanne.strahringer@tu-dresden.de
Website https://tu-dresden.de/gsw/wirtschaft/isih


Prof. Dr. Axel Winkelmann holds the Chair of Business Administration and Business Informatics at the Julius Maximilian University of Würzburg. He deals with the question of design and management of business software systems, especially in the field of enterprise resource planning. Prof. Winkelmann is the author of numerous books on business software systems. With around 150 publications, he is considered an expert internationally in organisational and application system design.

University of Würzburg
Phone +49 931 318 9640
E-Mail axel.winkelmann@uni-wuerzburg.de
Website www.bwl.uni-wuerzburg.de


Reinhard Schütte holds the Chair for Business Informatics and Integrated Information Systems at the University of Duisburg-Essen. In his research and teaching, he deals with enterprise systems and the management of large enterprise systems, which involves critically examining the economic and sociological understanding of application systems in companies. He was also responsible for the implementation of large ERP systems. In addition to Enterprise Systems, he deals with company transformation and problems of scientific theory. He is the author of numerous papers and books.

University of Duisburg-Essen Faculty of Economics
Phone +49 201 18 34061
E-Mail reinhard.schuette@icb.uni-due.de
Website https://www.iis.wiwi.uni-due.de



Prof. Dr. Sandy Eggert is Professor of Business Informatics and the editor of the ERP Management journal since 2004. It is the only German print magazine dedicated to the topic of Enterprise Resource Planning and is since 2013 also available online at erp-management.de.

ERP Management
Phone +49 331 977 4566
E-Mail Sandy.Eggert@wi.uni-potsdam.de


Christof Kerkmann has been working as a journalist for the distinguished Handelsblatt newspaper since 2012 and is specialized in the IT industry. His main focus is on technology companies (such as SAP, Microsoft and Salesforce), as well as trends in digitalisation. Mr Kerkmann studied Journalism and Economics at the University of Dortmund.

E-Mail kerkmann@handelsblatt.com




Helmuth Gümbel. Based in Switzerland, Helmuth Gümbel oversees Strategy Partners' German-speaking market activities. He is widely regarded as one of the most discerning and experienced market observers and is considered an expert on SAP. Prior to launching Strategy Partners International together with Rory Staunton, Mr Gümbel was responsible for Gartner's Software Market Strategies service in Europe. His career includes senior management positions at Digital, Nixdorf and Siemens. In 2009, he designed a series of Sapience events, which independently highlights trends and challenges in the SAP market. Since 2011 he is a lecturer at the Munich University of Applied Sciences.

Strategy Partners International
Phone +41 8186 00-310
E-Mail helmuth.guembel@strategypartners.com



Bettina Voigt is a consultant at INFOSOFT Herstellerneutrale Softwareberatung AG (Manufacturer-Independent Consultancy Firm) and supports medium-sized companies in the selection and implementation of business software - especially ERP systems. This includes process and requirements analysis, specification drafting, independent selection consultation and IT project controlling during software roll-out. She is also experienced in the turn-around of IT projects.

INFOSOFT Herstellerneutrale Softwareberatung AG
Phone +49 40 86626011
E-Mail bettina.voigt@infosoft.de



Benedict Bender advises companies on IT strategy and organisation. As a trusted advisor, he supports industrial and trading companies in large transformation projects. A further area of focus is the advancement of existing business models, with a specialisation in platform-based business models. Mr. Bender has extensive experience in international management, IT strategy and technology consulting. The transfer of his research work into practice is facilitated partly by his activities as management consultant, coach, and author.

E-Mail benedict.bender@wi.uni-potsdam.de



Karin Henkel has extensive professional experience in IT consulting, market research and communication. She has in-depth knowledge of the ERP, CRM and IT services market. Aside from conducting a wide range of market studies in these areas, she is also the author and co-author of studies and white papers on enterprise resource planning and IT services. Ms Henkel is Senior Research Director at Strategy Partners International Limited in Switzerland. Based on a concept from Strategy Partners, Karin launched sapientia 2009 in Berlin/Germany and Boston/USA.