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The Path to the Prize

1. Nomination and Registration

To assure the eligibility of each applicant, systems entered into the contest must be nominated by at least one member of the jury. Each member of the jury is entitled to a limited number of nominations in each category. If interested in nominating, please contact the Jury Chair.

2. Written Application

A written application is required to enter the competition. The application will be evaluated by three reviewers in accordance with the criteria below. The best system in each category will be awarded the status “Finalist for the ERP System of the Year”. The providers chosen, will have the opportunity to present their system to the jury, provided they reach the minimum score of 500 points. The application consists of a one page (DIN A4/ISO 216/Letter-size) company profile as well as two pages for each assessment criterion. The application should not exceed 14 pages. The applications will be subject to strict confidentiality standards to ensure that sensitive data is always kept safe.

3. Provider presentation

The finalists can select three of the seven criteria for the presentations. The jury may ask additional questions during the presentation.

4. Award ceremony

Finally, the winner for each category is determined and commended based on the points achieved.

Step 1:
Step 2:



Applications can be submitted online at www.system-des-jahres.de
All suppliers nominated by the jury may apply.

The categories are: 

  • Trade
    -     multichannel
    -     retail
    -     wholesale
  • Manufacturing
    -     made-to-order
    -     batch production
    -     automotive
  • ERP for Healthcare
  • Process management in ERP
  • Do-it-yourself systems
  • AI integration in ERP
  • ERP architecture

Registration deadline is May 2022.




The finalists select three of the criteria from their application they would like to present to the jury. If you have reached the final round in more than one category, please select the category in which you want to compete for the award.

The live presentation for 2021 will take place in Frankfurt am Main/Germany on October 26th, 2021.





Your application should address the following criteria using two pages for each one.

  • Implementation method
  • Concrete customer benefit (optionally with customer confirmation)
  • Research and development
  • Customer communication and sales marketing
  • Industry specific functionality
  • Ergonomics
  • Technological and integration capabilities

The application deadline is May 2022.




All finalists are cordially invited to the awards ceremony. You will receive at least one certificate confirming that you have reached the final round.




You will be informed if you have been selected as a finalist and will receive an invitation to the final round.   







The winner of the 2021 international ‘ERP System of the Year’ will be awarded on October 27th, 2021 at the ERP Congress in Frankfurt / Germany.    


Categories and awards

In this category, providers who offer a system specialised for retail (or modules for use in retail)can apply. Depending on the provider‘s focus (self-assessment), a distinction is made between:

  • multichannel
  • retail
  • wholesale

Providers who specialize in systems for manufacturing may apply in this category. Depending on the provider‘s focus (self-assessment), a distinction is made between:

  • made-to-order
  • batch production
  • automotive   

ERP for Healthcare
Providers who specialize in systems for healthcare and social services may apply in this category.

Process management in ERP
ERP systems that offer integrated and innovative solutions for process management may apply for this category. This may include integrated workflow management systems or other process management solutions.

Do-it-yourself systems
The increasing demand for cloud-based solutions has led to the emergence of new types of ERP system configurations, which provide users more options for personalization while simultaneously reducing set-up time. In this category the jury will look for innovative solutions for systems that allow a great deal of user customization.

AI integration in ERP
Artificial intelligence is increasingly finding its way into the world of ERP. This trend should also be reflected in this year’s competition. Providers who have implemented artificial intelligence algorithms in areas where it can be practically utilized may apply for this category.

ERP architecture
This category awards ERP systems whose architecture meets current and future needs and requirements. The jury will consider systems whose architecture has been refined based on new requirements, such as microservices.   

Special Award: customer communication and sales marketing
Apart from the categories one can register for, this year the jury will give a special award to the ERP company with the best customer communication and sales marketing.




Registration & Content related questions
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