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Frequently asked questions (FAQ) – GITO Events

  • Can I switch as a visitor between ONLINE and ON-SITE registration shortly before the event?
    If you have booked ONLINE as a visitor, you can also opt for the ON-SITE option up to 3 days before the event.
    tandard tickets are free of charge in both the ONLINE and ON-SITE options.
    Premium tickets can also be switched between online and on-site up to 3 days before the event (from online to on-site with a surcharge).
  • What is the difference between STANDARD and PREMIUM tickets?
    STANDARD tickets are free of charge in both the online and on-site options.
    PREMIUM tickets include numerous additional benefits (e.g. conference documentation, complete lecture programme incl. Future Talks, presentation of the finalists etc.).
    Book Premium on-site now
    Book Premium online now 
  • Is it possible to give a lecture at the event?
    There is the possibility to present external lectures.
    However, this option is limited and not always available. If you are interested in giving a talk, please contact GITO Publishing well in advance.
    E-Mail: martina.braun@gito-verlag.de
  • Can I cancel my registration free of cost?
    For our visitors taking part in a congress or conference, no cancellation is offered. However, naming another visitor as a substitute is possible.
  • When will I receive the invoice?
    The invoice will be sent with the confirmation of registration via Email, within 3 working days after registration.
  • What does my registration include?
    The on-site registration includes meals and drinks.


FAQ - ERP Congress with exclusive Trade Fair

  • How can I register as an exhibitor for the ERP Trade Fair?
    If you are interested in registering as an exhibitor, please click here for more information and availability. 
  • Can I take part in the ERP Trade Fair without being nominated?
    Only ERP vendors that have already won the "ERP System of the Year" competition or have been nominated by the jury for the competition may participate as exhibitors.
    If you are interested in being nominated, please contact the chairman of the jury Norbert Gronau  
    E-Mail: norbert.gronau@wi.uni-potsdam.de
  • Is the ERP Trade Fair free of charge for visitors?
    Yes, taking part in the Fair as well as the Workshop and Quick Check is free of charge for all visitors. Please note however, that a registration is necessary. Register here for a free standard ticket Register here for a premium ticket (additional benefits, small fee)